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  #1 DVDneXtCopy
  #2 1Click DVD Copy
  #3 123CopyDVD
  #4 DVD Cloner
  #5 SlySoft CloneDVD
  #6 DVD Fab
  #7 ICopyDVDs2

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neXt Tech:

The Most Advanced DVD Copying Software on the Market!

• Copy 10 DVDs to a
  Single Blu-Ray Disc
• Copy DVDs to DVD
• Copy DVDs to IPad
• Copy DVDs to iPod
• Copy DVDs to PSP
• Copy DVDs to PS3
• Copy DVDs to Zune
• Copy DVDs to Netbook
& much more...

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Make an Exact Clone of Any DVD!

DVD copying software has come a long way. When we started reviewing and working with dvd copy software several years ago, the most popular program was more of an e-book or tutorial guide than a software program. It actually required you to follow many complicated steps and download lots of additional software in order to copy a dvd. It was very slow, tedious and aggravating.

But now, copying DVD movies ( ANY DVD movie), can be a simple one-step push button operation if you have the right dvd copying software. The way I see it, you want a software that will copy ANY dvd, even the latest DVD movie releases with the latest copy protections schemes. Also, the easier to use, the better! I like a dvd copying program where you insert the dvd and click the START button (1 click and copy). Other very important factors are the quality of the copied DVD, the support offered from the company, and the frequency of updates (very important) provided by the manufacturer, among other things which we explain on each individual page.

We are not partial in our reviews. If it is good or bad... it will be in our review. Naturally, we tell you which dvd copying software we rate as the best, but we also lay out the facts for you to do the judging yourself. This way you can purchase the dvd copying program you are looking for with confidence, knowing what to expect before you buy it.

  DVD Copy Software Editors Choice
5 Star DVD Copy Software
NeXt Tech Sale
1Click DVD Copy 123 Copy DVD DVD Cloner

SlySoft CloneDVD

DVDFab DVD Copy - DVDFab Platinum

Overall Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
HUGE SPECIALS!!! Save $70.00
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  DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech 1CLICK DVD COPY 123 Copy DVD DVD
SlySoft CloneDVD DVD Fab ICopyDVDs2
Product Ratings              
DVD Copy Success Rate
Quality of Copied DVD
Ease of Use
DVD Copy Speed
Customer Support
Frequency of Updates
Price $19.99 $59.00 $49.99 $59.99 $70.40 $57.60 $49.95
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Key Features              
Overrides CSS Encryptions & Copy Protections
1 Step to Copy DVDs
Approximate Time to Copy DVD 40 minutes
25 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 45 minutes
Copy DVD to 1 Disc
Copy Episodic DVDs
Save DVD to Hard Drive
Make Copies From Hard Drive
Dual Layer Support
Make Multiple Copies      
Copies DVD Even if Scratched      
Omit or Retain Bonus Material
Compression Control
Multi-Channel Audio          
Select 1 or more audio tracks          
Select 1 or more subtitle language tracks          
Preserve both aspect ratios widescreen & full screen          
Make copy of your backup copies            
Copy DVD to iPad            
Copy DVD to iPod            
Copy DVD to Sony PSP            
Copy DVD to Sony PS3            
Copy DVD to Sony Netbook            
Copy DVD to Zune            
Copy Up to 10 DVDs to 1 Blu-Ray Disc            
neXt Tech Updater
Operating System              
Windows 7
Windows VISTA
Windows XP/2000
Windows 98/ME
Supported Media              
Lowest Price: $19.99 $59.00 $49.99 $59.99 $70.40 $57.60 $49.95
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Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
DVDs 2

What to Look For In a DVD Copying Software?

Copy DVDs1 ) Ease of use - How easy is the dvd copying software to use. Are there a lot of steps required making it difficult or is it simple enough for anyone?
2 ) Quality of the copied DVD - Is it an copied dvd an exact duplicate of the original, does the speech of the person match their mouth, does it freeze up or skip? We look for dvd copy programs that provide an exact dvd clone of the original.
3 ) How fast it will copy a DVD - Some dvd copying software programs can copy DVDs in under an hour while others take several hours.
4 ) Will it copy DVDs to a Single Disc - Maybe some people don't care if they have to copy a DVD onto 2 separate discs but for me that's an aggravation. I want a DVD Copy Software that will copy any dvd to just 1 Disc.
5 ) The ability to copy any DVD - This includes copying css encrypted and copy protected DVDs - What's the use in having a DVD Copying Software if it cannot copy the movie? Since most DVD movies are copy protected this is a must.
6 ) Support - Quick and reliable or slow to respond - We rate this highly because if you have problems, you want to know that someone is there for you today, not next week.
7 ) Price - Does the dvd copy software offer features worthy of the price.

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